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Prompter: Dabidabu https://prompts.co.kr/Dabidabu

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    best quality, masterpiece, Generate a striking image of a Asian female athlete, captured from head to toe, in the midst of a stadium after completing an intense competition. The athlete is visibly drenched in sweat, with droplets glistening on her flushed skin and dampening her hair. She stands against the backdrop of a stadium, showcasing the grandeur of the sporting event. In one hand, She holds a plastic water bottle, while the other hand is wiping off water droplets from her face, capturing the moment of post-competition relief and recovery. The image should convey her unwavering determination, resilience, and the physical and emotional impact of her athletic performance, <lora:koreanDollLikeness:0.75>
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    easynegative, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t
  • Info
    Steps: 30
    Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras
    CFG scale: 6.0
    Seed: 3124471575  
    Size: 512x512
    Model hash: 4f25065b9e 
    Model: newmarsmix_R11
    VAE hash: c6a580b13a
    VAE: vaeFtMse840000Ema_v100.pt
    Denoising strength: 0
    Lora hashes: "koreanDollLikeness: 8f3d16e6eada"
    Version: v1.6.0-2-g4afaaf8a
  • Date 2023-12-03 19:32:12 +0900
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