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Prompter: 타이거 https://prompts.co.kr/타이거

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  • Prompt
    23-year-old Korean beautiful female, dynamic pose, large and soft voluminous body, thick thighs and hips, extremely short skirts over buttocks, large breast, soft body, in bright office, short hair, white silk tight blouse, short cloth skirt, smiling and laughing, promptsgirl, <lora:promptsgirl_v3:0.75>, <lora:koreanDollLikeness:0.4>
  • Negative Prompt
    (bad-artist:0.7), lowres, (worst quality:1.4), (low quality:1.4), EasyNegative, (bad female physique), badhandv4, shit belly, wood wall, 3arms, 3hands, cheesecloth, two navels, jeans, extra limbs and legs, extra arms, extra hands, tattoos, zipper, t-shirts, logos, muscular stomach, barefoot,
  • Info
    Steps: 50
    Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras
    CFG scale: 15.0
    Seed: 4035370867  
    Size: 512x768
    Model hash: f4151d2b7b 
    Model: henmixReal_v40
    VAE hash: c6a580b13a
    VAE: vaeFtMse840000Ema_v100.pt
    Denoising strength: 0.75
    Clip skip: 5
    Hires upscale: 2.0
    Hires steps: 18
    Hires upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x+ Anime6B
    Lora hashes: "promptsgirl_v3: 5ddb3bc6c834, koreanDollLikeness: 8f3d16e6eada"
    Version: v1.7.0
  • Date 2024-04-01 00:10:47 +0900
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